Ruka Izakaya


Live playfully posh.

Come all, urban explorers, loud dreamers and quiet doers, maverick minds and stylish souls.

This is the beginning of a sensory journey. Come as you are and join the iconic flair of Modern Japanese dining.


welcomes you to reveal your rhythm

Because everything in life has rhythm.

Ourselves, nature, and the seasons,

days and nights.

Likewise, exquisite meals are always about tuning in to the perfect rhythm between taste, texture, and time. The time of year, seasonality, and the time you allow yourself to indulge your senses.


Rhythm is at the very essence of our gastronomic concept:

creative dining, rooted in the Japanese food culture, and open to the world.

All with a dynamic beat, pairing snack-sized servings, meant to be shared, with outstanding cocktails, eclectic sounds, and innovative design. The smart and vibrant Izakaya spirit, alluring your most authentic and relaxed self.

Book a table

RUKA is all about lighting a fire in your senses

Enjoy every meal as a truly exquisite experience, and always remember that sharing is essential. As the Japanese say, “eaten alone, even sea bream loses its flavour”.

So bring your tribe to the same table, literally, and relish the pleasure of sharing our incredible menu – we’ll be happy to reveal all our secrets for you.


Sometimes, your place is the best place

RUKA radiates laid-back sophistication no matter where you enjoy our menu.

So if you rather fancy your own environment, and we’re sure you have great taste, you are in for a vibrant, authentic, Modern Japanese treat at the very place of your choice.

Private parties

Drinking & dining, with a dash of drama

Our contemporary take on the Izakaya tradition is the ideal fine touch to make sure your guests will be absolutely delighted.

Think classic elegance blended with progressive flair to create an extraordinary private party menu. Yes, cocktail pairing included.

Ruka's Favourites


Carefully curated playlists by Manos, follow the mood of the day be it lunch or dinner, a crossover of genres and eras creating a meaningful background to accompany your journey in RUKA.

And on weekends come and enjoy live our guest DJs, each with its distinct take ok RUKA’a vibes!

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Modern dining with an entertainment twist, a crossover between sensory and the social side of life. Elevating meals to playfully premium experiences.


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